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Below is ‘nutshell’ breakdown and interpretation of the meaning of the lyrics to ‘A Sign’


Maybe it’s a sign

I should let go

but I don’t know’


This lyric is a reference to the uncertainty and doubt that often accompanies intuition. It specifically relates to the internal resistance that is often encountered when one begins to ‘let-go’ of traditional personality structures that no longer serve the ‘highest good’ of the individual.


Stay here for a while

let my guard down

lay it all on the line


This is a reference to the need to surrender the armour of the personality and become vulnerable in order to transcend the limitations of the egoic sense of self. An extension on the previous lyric.


I get so obsessed

chasing something I should forget.

So lost in the dream


At its heart, this song is about mindfulness and the obstacles that serve to undermine a deeper experience of the present. Faced with an avalanche of thoughts, desires, and perceived inadequacies, for many people, the possibility of a different experience of the present is remote at best. In this sense, the constant dissatisfaction with the present constitutes ‘the dream’. Swinging from one superficial distraction to another, true happiness remains elusive.


Every once in a while

It all slows down

When there’s no one around

Opens up wide

It surrounds me

And it lets me inside


This lyric refers to the expanded sense of self that unfolds as the identity extends beyond the fist of the ego. The relaxed sense of expansion that characterizes. In this state, a reimagining of identity is not only clinchedpossible, but by its very nature, probable. Once having experienced these expanded states, it is difficult to previous ideas of self and identity.


a different way of being remains a theoretical possibility remote at best. This is the labyrinth of the ego and the ‘dream’ referenced in this lyric.


It’s hard to say what finds me there when I’m far away

It’s hard to tell, it might turn out to be something else


This lyric relates to the subjective nature of personal truth. While an expanded sense of self certainly opens one up to new domains of experience, I think it is important to resist the urge to label and/or use language to try and articulate the exact nature of that expanded state. At its most limiting, such a tendency leads to dogma and ultimately an attempt to institutionalize what is likely a universal reality.


Get so obsessed

Chasing something I’ll soon forget

So lost in the dream


A return to the overall theme with an emphasis on the transient nature of desire. Urgent, superficial needs in the present are quickly forgotten as the ego fastens its attention an newto object of desire - thus perpetuating the ‘dream’.

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