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This song has been a personal favourite of mine for a while.  The lyric is particularly meaningful to me.  Aside from music, my main interests include meditation, the expansion of consciousness and the nature of subjectivity. This song addresses all three of those interests in a deeply personal manner.


At its core, this song is about mindfulness. More specifically, the intersection of the self with the present.  At the risk of sounding too esoteric, Ths song considers the idea that, as a necessary prerequisite to truly experiencing the moment, it is necessary to mitigate the influence of artificial personality factors.  In my experience, this constellation of factors, traditionally referred to as the Ego, stand as the central obstacle to an authentic experience of the present.


I have recorded this song numerous times in different configurations.  This final version is essentially a compilation of all previous versions, in that, it includes elements from each.  Having made some considerable upgrades to my studio of late, I thought I would remix a final version and move on.

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