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A Sign

This song is essentially about mindfulness. It relates to the process of releasing the armour of the ego to expose vulnerability while transcending limiting patterns and conditioned responses. It is about risk and an attempt to address the subjective realms of the spacious present.


Technical Information

This song was initially written on an iPad using GarageBand (see demo below). I later imported it into Logic Pro for further development. Over the course of several years, this song was recorded and remixed in many different forms. The finished version includes elements of each different version. I have included samples of The various incarnations below.



Maybe it's a sign

I should let go

But I don't know


Stay here for a while

Let my guard down

Lay it all on the line


Get so obsessed

Chasing something I should forget

So lost in the dream


Every once in awhile

It all slows down

When there''s no one around


Opens up wide

It surrounds me

And it lets me inside


It's hard to say

What finds me there when I'm far away

It's hard to tell

It might turn out to be something else

Get so obsessed

Chasing something ill soon forget

So lost in the dream'




Below is a sample of the original demo I recorded during a break in my day from teaching. This sample was recorded on my iPad using GarageBand and is essentially a first pass. This is how the song came out. As you can hear, although the rhythm is significantly different, the basic song is intact at birth. I actually developed a complete version of this arrangement, however, I arrived at the finished version after some experimentation. In the end, although like both versions, I felt the finished version had more energy and ultimately made the decision to adopt that direction.

A Sign (early demo) - The Luxury of Despair
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